Family ties. . . an adoption story

My father
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This page is dedicated to my dad, J Sturgill, whom I did not get to meet before the Lord called him home.

The picture below is of my dad and brother.


I guess I can't say to much about a man who didn't know about me, nor that I got to meet.

My father passed away in 1988 from a massive heart attack. From what my sister, Patty, tells me, he didn't suffer. My dad had gave his heart to the Lord just a few months before he died.
I had an Uncle Frank die from a massive heart attack also at age 36 or 37.

Also on this page are pictures of my 2 sisters and brother on my dads side. I went and had dinner with all of them and their mom, Emma, who is also my 2nd cousin. All of them accepted me. They are the only way I will get to know my dad.

All of them are so dear to me.

This is just an example of why we need to know our family history.

This picture is of my dad with my sister Patty. We looked just alike when we were kids! Wait until you see our pictures.



This is my whole family on my fathers' side. My dad is on the back row with the blue T-shirt on. His wife, Emma, is next to him.